Today in the city Pine Hill 16.12.2017
An (Re)Introduction to JAWS: The Formula to Help Determine Who Should Make the Hall of Fame

Now that the 2018 Hall of Fame ballot has been released, it's time you re-familiarize yourself with JAWS, the formula that best determines who should be in and who should not.

Studiocanal Signs Licensing Deal With Hulu

Studiocanal has inked a licensing deal with Hulu to have its premium drama content distributed on the U.S. streaming service. Under the deal, Hulu gains exclusive U.S. SVOD rights to 20 hours of premi...

Will this phone-sized fidget device fix your mobile addiction?

You know not all's well with mankind when devices like these seem like a good idea. The Substitute Phone is a weighted plastic block that comes with rollable beads in the middle. You're encouraged to...

Indonesia Aims To Attract More Muslim Visitors In 'Halal' Tourism Push

Halal tourism is an emerging trend in the travel industry: holidays that don't just accommodate, but actively cater to, devout Muslims. Indonesia is trying to market itself as a halal destination.

This neural network can diagnose pneumonia better than your doctor

"Add diagnosing dangerous lung diseases to the growing list of things artificial intelligence can do better than humans," said Jackie Snow at MIT Technology Review. Researchers from Stanford Universit...

What to watch on Hulu in December

Binge yourself some Runaways and then spend December browsing the extensive depths of Hulu's libraryApocalypse Now? Got it. The whole Rocky series? You bet. The inexplicable 2001 rom-com Kate and Leop...

Earliest Trump mention in Panama Papers dates to 1990s: Report

A reference to a mysterious condominium purchase and sale in the 1990s is the earliest mention of Donald Trump in the notorious Panama Papers, according to a report published Friday.

This wooden block will charge your phone

Halo is a cute, aesthetic phone stand that doubles as a charger. It is completely made of wood, for minimalists who appreciate a more natural look for their phone accessories. It comes as either a wir...

NXT TakeOver WarGames: What Now for Undisputed Era, Sanity and Authors of Pain?

Saturday night marked the debut of the WarGames match under the WWE umbrella with The Undisputed Era defeating Sanity and The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong at NXT TakeOver: WarGames in Houston....

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